Why Choose Us?



  1   We offer perfection, not packages.


Every book edit includes copy editing, line editing, developmental editing, and a final proofreading. Some book editors offer packages based on light, medium, or heavy editing. But there’s a major problem with this pricing structure—it puts the burden on you to assess your work and decide which level is needed.


You may choose a “light editing” package, but your work may still end up with flaws. Your editor likely won’t care that there are opportunities to improve word choice, pacing, or sentence structure, because you only paid for a basic package.


We’re perfectionists, and perfection is what your work deserves. Our quotes are based on the word count and how much time it will take to perfect your manuscript.

  2   We're book editors, not speed readers. 

Writing your book has consumed your life for monthsperhaps even years. Late nights have turned into early mornings watching the golden sunrise over the harsh blue light of your laptop. In those rare moments when you weren’t actually working, your mind certainly was. You've fought distractions. You've fought writer's block. You've fought the urge to scrap the whole thing and start over.


And now you’re here! We know that it's been difficult to get to this point. You're finally ready to take the next step...finding an editor. So why would you choose someone who boasts the ability to edit your entire book in a week or less? That’s not quality editing. That’s speed reading.


While our turnaround times are reasonable (typically two to three weeks per 50,000 words), we believe that editing your book shouldn’t be a rushed job.

  3   Our prices aren't too good to be true.  

No, we're not as inexpensive as some of the book editors out there. But when it comes to book editing, that old adage holds trueyou get what you pay for. And remember, our prices include copy editing, line editing, developmental editing and a final proofreading. Contact us for a quote >>